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02/1 2012

Managerial Resolutions for the New Year

We all know that New Year’s Resolutions like losing weight are common among almost everyone — but how about a list of New Year’s Resolutions for managers?

Writing for, Lawrence Miller points-out six things that managers can target as New Year’s Resolutions  —  all of which should make your employees proud!

  1. Remember to Encourage Others — try to focus on an employee’s positive qualities, and do not solely focus on their shortcomings.  In addition, share with employees your vision of what they can be, and what they can achieve — you will be surprised at how hard they will work to meet your expectations!
  2. Strive to Become a Scientist —  make sure that your observations (and conclusions) about issues (or employees) are fact-based, and are not based on a negative overall opinion of an issue or an employee.   Learn to let the data guide your decisions –and don’t be afraid to admit when you are wrong.
  3. Demonstrate Your Appreciation For Those Actually Doing the Day-To-Day Work — learn to value not only those who have been promoted and/or those with lofty titles — but also value those who interact with customers daily, who work behind-the-scenes to allow others to be successful, and those who are engaged in areas of your organization that does not get as much recognition or credit.
  4. Commit To Your Team — be a “Level 5” Leader who focuses on building great teams.  Give your team credit, insist that they work together as a team, and get them to focus on being better tomorrow than they were today.
  5. Practice Four-to-One Feedback — educational research has shown that the optimal balance when giving feedback is to give approximately 4 positive pieces of feedback for every one negative piece of feedback.  Try to achieve this 4-to-1 balance when giving feedback to your employees — this principle has been embraced by Toyota and other successful companies.
  6. Find the Meaning in Your Work — as a leader, have something important to say to your employees.   Spend time thinking about how you and your company are making the world a little bit better place every day — and communicate this to employees.   Most employees want to achieve something meaningful in their work — and it is up to you to help communicate exactly what this is.

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